R. Sumi Matsumoto

MSLIS Portfolio, Class of 2021

Child Privacy and Online Saftey for Caretakers of Young Children

Project Summary

The LibGuide is designed to help caretakers of children under the age of 13 find information on managing technological habits and behaviors of young children. Technology is ubiquitous: from online video streaming to digital integration in education. Due to technology's rapid changes, caretakers are often unfamiliar with children's virtual environments. The guide focuses on children’s safety and right to personal privacy while balancing their autonomy and online freedom. We designed the guide with the intention of facilitating conversations between caretakers and children about online safety—rather than focusing on parental control or monitoring tools—as a way to empower deliberate and informed choices online. This resource also educates caretakers on their role in a child's online presence, from "sharenting" to mitigating the effects of advertising on children.

In light of the current shift toward online learning and socializing, this guide is extremely relevant to all caretakers. The LibGuide offers resources that are approachable by technological novices as well as scholarly research. I created this LibGuide collaboratively with two other people.

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